Looking for thought-provoking images/items for discussions and activities?

Sociological Images publishes images along with commentary meant to develop people’s “sociological imagination.” This is a great resource if you are looking for topics for discussion in your health education course! Topics on the site are wide ranging and all are associated with an image. You could provide students just the image for discussion, or the image and commentary and have students respond as a “Do Now,” or use the posts for more formal activities in which students have to analyze the images and connect to health behaviors/skills.

Most posts would fall under the “Analyzing Influences” skill. For example their most recent post, Herculean Dimorphism, discusses how modern versions of the Hercules myth show more dimorphism than ancient depictions and how the depictions of men and women in media can impact relationships and understandings of the roles of women and men. You could use this post in an activity in which students have to analyze the image and connect to societal norms, make connections to other media that show similar (or different) messages, discuss implications for this type of imagery especially since Disney movies are typically viewed by small children – how might this shape their understandings of themselves and relationships? This could even be tied to advocacy if students write letters asking companies to change the way men and women are portrayed  . . . many possibilities!

I follow their blog and there have been many posts I have flagged for use in my courses. This is an excellent resource if you are looking for thought-provoking conversation starters or prompts for activities in your health education course.

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